Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

How to train your Hero

My new game has been released. It's called "How to train your Hero" and it is a collection of four minigames. You can play it at Kongregate or Newgrounds or wherever else you find it (it's being distributed by MochiMedia).

The game is not very long (around 20 minutes) and I think the ending is worth going through it. Have fun!

Sonntag, 31. März 2013

Asteroid Storm

Today I released my second game, Asteroid Storm. It is an avoider game in space where you have to dodge asteroids while not letting your fuel run out. It features 16 achievements, highly customizable difficulty settings, much nicer graphics than Pentagon Survival (which obviously isn't that hard) and an online highscorelist. For now it is only available via Kongregate, since there are some issues with the upload on Newgrounds. I will submit it there too in the near future and probably also on ArmorGames. Here is the link:

Asteroid Storm on Kongregate

I want to thank my brother, Mirko Schulze, for creating the graphics, testing the game intensively and giving me helpful feedback. The game would surely be pretty ugly and buggy without his continuous help.

The game is a remake of a project I once did for university where I created several minigames in XNA. Unfortunately, most of the time those university projects stay in university and almost no one ever gets to play it. That's why I recreated and improved the game in Flash.

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Pentagon Survival on Newgrounds and Kongregate

I uploaded Pentagon Survival to Newgrounds and Kongregate a little while ago and it did in fact get some positive feedback! Here are the links:


Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Pentagon Survival

My first game is ready for release. I called it "Pentagon Survival", because you play as a pentagon and have to survive the furious onslaught of really evil cubes. The game is a small top-down 2D-Shooter and features three difficulties, five levels / enemy types / upgrades, four different level architectures and eight achievements. Have fun and good luck! (especially on hard difficulty)

Play in browser

Special thanks go out to Mirko Schulze, who has tested the game intensively and whose feedback helped me a lot to improve the game and find bugs. I also want to thank Adam “Atomic” Saltsman, the creator of Flixel, which made the creation of this game a very smooth experience.

Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Hello world

My name is Erk and I am a game developer. At the moment, making games is only a big hobby, but my dream is to someday turn this into my full time job. I already took some steps towards this goal, namely some playing around with the RPG-Maker and the creation of several minigames for university-projects, but have not gotten very far yet. To gain experience and knowledge as well as to push myself I am going to participate in the One-Game-A-Month-Challenge. Well then, I hope you will have as much fun playing my games as I had and will have creating them.